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Honoring Aaliyah's Fashion Influence

On Sunday (Aug. 25), it will be 18 years since the late R&B singer Aaliyah passed, following a tragic plane crash.

When most people think of the "One In A Million" singer, they think of her airy angelic vocals, but just as much as Aaliyah influenced the music industry with her sound, she also was a heavy influence in regards to fashion.

The singer who was born in Brooklyn, but raised in Detroit was known for her iconic streetwear looks. Aaliyah's signature baggy jeans, crop tops, bras, jerseys, and jackets were just as synonymous with her name as her fluttering falsetto was.

Aaliyah's fashion sense paved the way for other R&B artists who came after her such as Ciara, Teyana Taylor, Rihanna, and Kehlani. We at Fresh Dope, wanted to take the time to honor Aaliyah for her contribution and influence in regards to streetwear and urban fashion.

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